Ideal Candidates for Factoring

Any business that provides a product or service to other creditworthy businesses and is constrained by their day-to-day cash flow situation.

Does your business need:

  • Cash to Cover Payroll?
  • Working Capital to Fuel Growth?
  • Help with Cash Flow Problems?
  • Help because of Bank Turn Downs or refusal to extend current lines?
  • New Equipment to Grow?

What is factoring?

In a traditional factoring arrangement, a company actually sells its receivables to another company (a “factor”) at a discount. After the sale, the receivables balances are carried on the factor’s balance sheet since title has passed. Because the factor then owns the receivables, it generally provides all the required credit, collection and accounting services necessary to collect the receivables, including assumption of the ultimate loss exposure from the client debtor. The important difference between factoring and asset-based lending is ownership. In factoring, the receivables are purchased and owned by the factor. In asset-based lending arrangements, accounts receivable are pledged to the lender as security for the loan, but the borrower retains ownership and complete control of the receivables and the value of the receivables remains on the borrower’s financial statement.

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