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A Message to CPAs

Diversified Funding Services, Inc wants to join together with CPAs. Together we can bring real solutions to small businesses.

CPAs are in a unique position to see the intimate details of a business owner’s financial status — the good, bad and ugly. So many business owners are good at what they do, however, they might not have the money management skills or understand what is available to them when it comes to working capital solutions.

In a business fantasyland, it would be nice if all companies could be approved by banks and have access to adequate capital and the lowest cost of funds in the market. However, we all know it that is just not possible.

Our message is that sometimes just getting working capital is not the cure all; some companies need help with AR management including monitoring collections and credit. Many times the cash flow requirements are not as high if these areas are buttoned up.

We also understand some people frown upon and misunderstand factoring. It certainly is not for every company. We do however believe that a very important benefit that factoring offers has been lost in communication. Factoring is not just about getting funding; the service provides clients a full back office A/R management extension of their company that is dedicated to following the invoices from submission to collections, along with verifications making sure the product or service is complete and satisfied. We also provide credit monitoring every 90 days to keep a pulse on your customers as well as credit reviews of potential new customers.

We are also seeing a dangerous trend happening from online cash advance lenders that are throwing money into the market. Some companies are offering loan advances with 3rd, 4th and 5th positions. The fact these products are based on future sales it is a ticking time bomb for desperate business owners taking on multiples of these easy access to funds.

Our goal is to partner up with CPAs that care about their clients like we do and want to explore options and offer solutions to the accounting clients. We also want to make sure your firm understands all aspects of factoring and how it might be the solution many of your current clients need right now — but just aren’t aware of. Many may just need the back office support that our factoring services offers. Our goal in the end is to get them bankable. We also have a residual referral fee program that will provide some revenue for your CPA firm.

Diversified Funding Services, Inc would love the opportunity to get together and discuss the possibilities of partnering up with your firm and see how we can bring real solutions to clients needing a working capital solutions and also help some avoid getting in over their heads with lenders that do not have their best interests at heart. Technology is great, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing that can replace the personal touch of working with a business partner who has your best interests in mind.

We strongly believe that relationships are of utmost importance and we are extending an offer to meet and see how we can work together and bring solutions that put the business owner’s needs first.

Together let’s make a difference.


Diversified Funding Services was founded in 1998 by Mark Little with the mission to provide businesses the opportunity to obtain critically needed cash flow for their companies with Account Receivables financing, traditionally known as Factoring.

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