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Diversified Funding Now Offers Real Estate Commission Factoring

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We’re proud to announce that Diversified Funding Services, Inc., now offers real estate commission factoring, which provides real estate brokers and agents up to 90 percent of commissions hours after contracts are signed.

Cashflow is the lifeblood of most businesses, and that is particularly true in real estate. Agents and brokers live off commissions, and they need capital for marketing, promotions, incidentals and all the other expenses required to operate their businesses. That makes it important to have cash on hand, especially in today’s tight real estate market.

At Diversified Funding Services, we can provide up to 90 percent payment on commissions before contracts are closed often as soon as hours after the papers have been signed.

How Does Real Estate Commission Factoring Work?

Real estate commission factoring is a way for agents and brokers to have access to the cash in their commissions before the contracts are formally closed. The application process takes minutes, and you can start in as soon as a week.

Diversified Funding Services is the “factor,” meaning that we purchase the receivables from the sales of the properties before the contracts are physically paid. When the contract is signed, up to 90 percent of the capital goes directly to you, and we wait for the contract to be funded. Once it is funded, we will release the remaining balance of the commission to you, minus our rate.

Our rates are straightforward and are based on up to 90% advance on your total commissions. The fees are calculated based on a scale of the number of days the advance is outstanding until closing:

0-30 days: 8%

31-45 days:  11%

46-60 days: 14%

61-75 days: 16%

76-90 days: 17%

91-120 days: 19%

How We Keep Our Rates Low

We decided to offer real estate commission factoring after seeing the sky-high rates being charged to the professionals working with other factors, as high as 21% for 30 days.

We understand that any company that advances capital takes on a high degree of risk, which naturally causes the factor to raise their rates. However, the rates being offered by other factors don’t do much to serve the real estate professionals they are working with. Instead, we are looking to offer a fair rate by working exclusively with seasoned real estate professionals here in Georgia.

By working only with professionals that have a consistent deal flow, we’re able to provide rates that give you the most possible capital that works at the speed of your business.

Bringing Community Back to Finance

Diversified Funding Services is on a mission to bring community back to commercial finance. Local banks just aren’t able to fulfill the working capital needs of the business community anymore.

Today’s banks don’t have the resources or the attention to give local businesses the service that they deserve. Since 1998, Diversified Funding Services has specialized in working capital solutions for businesses that serve other businesses, and we are working to bring old-fashioned service back, developing strong relationships with all of the businesses that we partner with.

Are you a real estate professional here in Georgia? Give us a call at (770) 603-0055 to see how we can work together to grow your business.

Diversified Funding Services was founded in 1998 by Mark Little with the mission to provide businesses the opportunity to obtain critically needed cash flow for their companies with Account Receivables financing, traditionally known as Factoring.

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